Friday, July 23, 2010

A Giant Octopus This morning I tried out spray paint for the first time! I had red, black, and gold. Because I thought they would be good basic practicing colors, but the gold was weird. Metallic, but it looks kind of like a shiny white...O_O

My mom decided to let me spray paint-ify the yellow fences (heck yeah, built in highlights!) around our backyard, since I don't live in a city and there's no public place to practice. I wonder where other people practice. Or if they practice at all. Hmmm...well...something to think about.

At first, I tried doing this model's face, but proportioning was difficult and the whole right side of her face was full of random sketchy marks. It like an ink spill, because guess what? it was. So I took a chance with my subject choosing skills and decided to paint a giant red octopus attacking her face. =D

I drew each tentacle one an a time. I wonder if it would have been more efficient to draw outline the whole thing in black first. I've never seen anyone do it, which would be really helpful. So I'm going to go on YouTube and wade through shaky visual and bad sound quality. I shaded with the black and red. And left the yellow of the fence for highlights. I want to continue working on my giant octopus, but I ran out of black.

A couple of times, I held the can the wrong way and covered my hands in red paint. Looked like BLOOOOOOD. =]

Note to self: the side with the little white thing is where the paint comes out.

Also, if there's a slight breeze going perpendicular to you, you might waste some paint, but the lovely toxic smells gets blown into your neighbors yard instead of hanging around your working area.

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