Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art School, Art Stalking, and Art Goals

Art School

Okay, so appearantly I can't spell appearently.

In the fall, I will be leaving home. Traveling from Palo Alto to a far far far far away place called......Oakland. Yeah. To go to California College of the Arts! :D I'm really excited to be surrounded by a high concentration of artists (oh, I miss CSSSA!), to live with roommates, to eat Ramen like in the movies (you know what I mean, right?), to watch visiting artist lectures, to sit through long critiques, to stare at lovely old paintings, and to absorb inspiration from everyone and everything.

Art Stalking

I'm going to tell YOU a secret. One of my favorite things to do EVER is art stalking. Naturally, it originated on Facebook. I basically go on my friends' profiles and click on photos. Then I search for that wonderful album called Art <3 or Doodles <3 or Paintings and Drawings <3 or Random Stuff. And I look at their art!

Yeah, that's it. :D

I'm also reading the blog of Marci Washington and Deth P. Sun because I really like their work. And boy am I glad I read their blog. Because a few weeks ago, I read they were going to be in an art exhibition. My first thoughts were, "Watch it be in L.A. I'm not going to see it." Except, it is at the Palo Alto Art Center! which is where I go for figure drawing! so happy! =DDDDDD

So I did see the exhibition. Twice. My mom looked at it once and waited for me outside. Afterward, I went outside too and took some pictures of her feet. I think I'm going to do a watercolor of my mom's feet within the next week.....which brings me toooooooooo

Art Goal for the Summer

12 completed art work pieces....sigh.

So far, I have a half, a quarter, a half, a half, and a great deal of thumbnail sketches. Oh, and half a oil painting from a class I'm taking at the local community college.

I'm also taking Graphic Design. And Intermediate Tennis. I will learn how to use Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and everything else on these Mac computers...=D

I create. Ducks waddle. Quack.


  1. Yay, my friend went to CCA last summer, and she loooved it!

    As for the art stalking, I can't say that I mind hahaha

    And good luck with completed art pieces!

  2. That's awesome!

    Yeah, your work is really inspiring. <3