Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fifth Grade

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So. Right before my high school graduation, my elementary school had a reunion. Seeing my 5th grade teachers surprised me because I felt like they got younger. >>

I guess this is because when you're little, you can't judge age as well. When I was a high school TA at an elementary summer school math intervention program, second graders repeatedly asked me questions like, "How many kids do you have?" and "Are you married?"

I remember playing "poor people" with my cousin Roseanne. Being super shy, I finally worked up the courage to ask her how old she was. Nine. In my head, I remember thinking, "WOAH! THAT'S SOOOO OLDDDDD!" I also remember shyly asking my cousin, Geraint, how old he was while he gave me a piggy-back ride. Fourteen. Again, "WOAH! SOOOO OLDDDD!"

Yeah, just thought I'd share how it weirded me out that all my elementary school teachers seemed to have gotten younger.

And this has to do with art because...my fourth and fifth grade teacher, Ms. Rumwell, went to CCA too! when it was still CCAC. And now she does a lot of jewelry.

It was in fifth grade with Ms. Rumwell when I first did the styrofoam printmaking things and learned what a brayer (sp?) is and fell in LOVE with the sticky stick sticky stick sound of perfectly rolled out printing ink, ya know? =)

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